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Where to start with a loft conversion?

A loft conversion is a big investment – but the opportunities are endless. Making use of an otherwise empty, dead space can give your home that extra room it needs; all without having to build anything new! As well as this, figuring out how you want the space to look is a big factor to consider; your loft may require designs for both the interior and exterior – depending on the type of conversion you go for. Pair this with creating a layout for the new room, by factoring in any slopes, headspace and overall room size; there’s a lot to think about. If you’re looking to make the most of your unused loft, then look no further; here we have provided our ‘Top 5’ ideas that you can use your loft conversion for and the benefits each one will provide you with.

1. Spare Bedroom

If you have a growing family or are one for hosting guests, then converting your loft into a spare bedroom is the perfect solution! Depending on the size of the space you have to work with – you may be able to even add in a bathroom, allowing you to make the most of the room you have; as well as making it easier for the person using it. Factor in the value this will add to your home as there will be more usable space and allow for bigger families to consider buying your property, creating your loft into another bedroom makes perfect sense; both practically and monetary wise!

2. Games Room

Another great use for your new loft conversion is the idea of a games room! Whether it’s for entertaining with the likes of a pool table and small bar area, or you’re looking for a quiet area to keep the kid’s toys and let them play – a lot conversion provides you the option of both. By having this extra room, it not only frees up space in the rest of your home (where the likes of a pool table or kids toys would otherwise be), but allows for a sense of separation from the rest of the house. Whether it’s a space for the parents or the children, a games room you didn’t originally have is always going to be a winner.

3. Office

With the working situation for many people over the past few years now converting to ‘working from home’, creating space for a home office will allow for a much easier working life. As is the case for many people, finding a balance between home and work life can be difficult when it is all in the same place – especially for those with children and the threat of school holidays, this can be even more of a struggle! By converting your loft into an at home office, it will allow you to feel like you’re in your usual working environment – just still with the benefits of no travelling and lie ins!

4. Home Cinema

Probably our favourite out of all the ideas we’ve given you is the opportunity for a home cinema. If you already find that you have enough space in your home when it comes to bedrooms and offices; then you may be looking for an option that is more of a treat for you and your family. A home cinema is the perfect choice, whether you’re looking to enjoy family movie night or the kids are hosting a sleepover – having a cinema at your fingertips is a statement to be proud of. Once your loft has been converted into a usable room, simply investing in a pull down screen, projector and comfy seating will completely transform your space.

5. Walk-in Storage

Our final idea when it comes to deciding the use of your loft conversion, is the simple choice of a walk-in storage area. Whilst this may seem like the boring option, it’s extremely practical and can help in keeping your home spotless. Whether it’s kids toys, Christmas decorations, sentimental items or your clothes; a walk-in storage area will allow you to easily access your items when you need them and store them in a safe place – as well as allowing you to keep buying more things as you’ll always have somewhere to put them!

Want to know more?

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